Education is an extremely important part of the work we do, and our learning doesn't end once we leave school. The church provides a unique space and community for us to learn together. It is vital that we are not only fed in worship and serving in the world, but that we are also developing spiritually as we go. Our Adult Education offerings help us in that persuit. Sitting down to a bible study, a book discussion, or a video lesson helps us to ask the hard questions, but also to ask them in an environment that is welcoming and helpful. If you would like to know more about who God is, grow deeper in your faith, and participate in meaningful conversations with other people, check out our Adult Education offerings below.

Bible Study 
We gather Tuesdays from 1- 2 p.m. or so  to study the scriptures together with Pastor Heidi. We read sections of the scriptures and then discuss them, so there is no homework, and you can jump in and join us anytime. So just bring your Bible and join us in the meeting room for this study. All are invited to attend. We are beginning the gospel of John. 
All are welcome!

Adult Discussion Group

Every Sunday after the worship in the meeting room

We gather for an informal look into scripture and the pressing concerns of being a faithful disciple in the modern world. We are “Continuing the Conversation” by looking at the scriptures from worship each week to dig in deeper to their meaning and how they connect to our lives as disciples. These sessions will frequently involve videos, social media tie-ins and more! Throughout our worship series, (Confessions) the Adult Sunday School acts as a study on those topics.